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Wig Cap Construction | BAISI HAIR

Many people think that the main difference between wigs is the style. That is a big point of difference, but there’s another very important element to consider—the wig cap construction.
Wig hair is attached to the cap via different methods and constructions. Each has its own advantages you should consider before purchasing.
This is where we see why some wigs are significantly more expensive than others. Don’t automatically reject a wig because it’s a lot more expensive than other options.
You will get what you pay for.
You may end up paying more for your wig, but you should also expect a longer life from your wig as well as a more natural look.
Take a look at these primary differences between wig cap constructions for help deciding which type will best serve your personal needs.

100% Hand-Tied Wig

100% hand-tied wig is also known as a hand-knotted wig. This type of wig offers what many consider to be the most natural appearance since the wig hair moves so freely.
You can look forward to freely and naturally moving hair, since every single hair on these types of wigs is tied by hand to the base.
These are the best types for those of you with sensitive scalps or hair loss since they are the softest and most comfortable cap.
You’ll enjoy fantastic versatility when it comes to styling since you’ll be able to comb your hair in virtually any direction.
It features the lightest type of construction method, which makes it ideal for wearing all day every day!

Diamond Painting

Lace Front Wig

If you’re looking for an incredibly natural hairline, then this is an ideal type for you.
Choose this type of wig if you frequently style your hair away from your face.
Every hair is tied by hand to the sheer lace section, but not to the whole cap. The material is also more delicate than other types of wig cap constructions, so you’ll need to be careful when handling. This also means it’s not a good choice if you live a very active lifestyle.
Many of these lace-front wigs come to you ready to wear and cover your head from one temple to the other.

Monofilament Top Wig

The monofilament wig cap makes it look like there is natural hair growing from the scalp at the site of the part.
In this type of wig cap construction, individual hand tying is used for the sheer base but not the entire cap. But, you can wear this wig with ultra confidence since it does such a good job of making it look like natural growth emanating from your scalp where the hair is parted.
Do you want extra comfort?
The double mono layer of extra soft material can do that for you. You can choose from full top, parting, or crown areas.
If you simply can’t decide which wig to buy, you can’t go wrong with a monofilament top wig since it’s considered to be the most popular type of wig.

Open Cap / Wefted Wig

This type of wig construction is the most basic. It gives you instant lift thanks to the pre-teasing at the roots.
If budget is a primary concern, this type of construction will give you the most bang for your buck. And they’re very durable, helping you get even more for your money.
You’re sure to love how cool your scalp feels since this type offers excellent air ventilation from the open-weft construction.
Flexible options include capless and other traditional types.


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